The Laser Trust Fund (Moghissi) was registered as a charity (No 326689) in 1984 by Professor Keyvan Moghissi. In 2009 the name of the charity was also registered as The Moghissi Laser Trust. The Trust funds medical research in the field of Laser Therapy and Photodynamic Therapy  (PDT) to treat some cancers.

The role of The Moghissi Laser Trust is to fund The Yorkshire Laser Centre’s (YLC) clinical research. Their principle activity is twofold.  Firstly to carry out R & D in the field of laser technology including PDT. Secondly to apply the results of this research to benefit patients throughout the UK.

A major research work at the YLC was the ‘First Light Project’. This was financed by a single anonymous donation of £500k. This research successfully pioneered the use of fluorescence bronchoscopy to identify cell formation which may lead to bronchial cancer. All papers from this research have been published and are in the public domain.

The initial PDT research in the areas of the bronchus and the oesophagus was pioneered in the UK and Europe at The Yorkshire Laser Centre.


The Centre’s honorary consultants and associates, who all have appointments within the NHS, are providing treatments with a range of lasers to treat some cancers and a number of other conditions in:

• Urological tract • Gynaecology
• Dermatology • Ophthalmology
• Head & neck cancers • Secondary breast cancer
• General surgery • Lung & oesophagus
• Bladder • Colo-rectal

 The Trust receives no government funding so research funds must be obtained from the private sector and charitable trusts.