Funding Requirements

Funding Requirements

The fundraising undertaken by the Moghissi Laser Trust – a registered charity, No: 326689 – works towards achieving its aims predominantly through the work of the Yorkshire Laser Centre. The Trust was established in 1984 to develop the use of lasers in medical applications within the chest to treat cancer and alleviate suffering from life threatening conditions. The Trust has subsequently expanded its work geographically and to develop treatment for other parts of the body.

Our primary objectives are:

  • To fund clinical and scientific research into new and effective medical laser treaments for cancer and other conditions
  • To continually develop and improve medical laser techniques such as photodynamic therapy (PDT) an photo-diagnosis (PD) to benefit patients
  • To spread the benefits created through the provision of training and disseminating advances at medical conferences and in scientific papers and publications.

Funding can be provided to cover both capital and revenue costs. The funding helps the Centre to not only provide ongoing treatment and training, but also to undertake specific research projects. Its day-to-day work with patients requires around £70,000 per annum to maintain the lasers and specialist equipment, including the mobile unit, together with the medical expertise and support which is essential for its efficient operation.

Major pieces of equipment need replacing and updating frequently: for example, a replacement ‘YAG’ thermal laser will soon be required, probably at a cost of £40,000.

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