About Us

About Us

The Moghissi Laser Trust finances the Yorkshire Laser Centre and was founded in 1984, originally under the name of the Laser Trust Fund (Moghissi). At the time of formation our stated aims were:

    •    The provision of laser treatment to alleviate the suffering of patients irrespective of their financial status.
    •    Expansion of the clinical applications of lasers.
    •    Training and education in the clinical use of lasers through an acknowledged training team.
    •    Research and development into clinical use of lasers in conjunction with universities and academic institutions.

Since the advent of Photodynamic therapy in the 1980’s the aims and of objectives of the Trust were expanded to include Photodetection and Photodynamic Therapy.

Our mission: To make laser surgery and Photodynamic Therapy available to patients, particularly those with cancer, by promoting pre clinical and clinical research, clinical trials, and treatment of patients.

Cancer patients and their treatment is at the forefront of our Agenda.

In 1997 the decision was taken to begin our project company, The Yorkshire Laser Centre (Reg No 3547276), in order to facilitate progress of the stated aims of the Charity. Notwithstanding its small size; both in terms of premises and staffing, the Laser Trust and the Yorkshire Laser Centre, have been pioneers in a number of domains, such as:

  • Laser surgery of the chest

  • PDT for treatment of lung cancer both for palliation and with curative intent.

  • Detection of early lung cancer

  • PDT in oesophageal cancer

  • Investigation of the role of PDT in some gynaecological and colo-rectal cancers

  • Head and neck cancer

  • Financial contribution to the universities for PhD and MSc students in the field of lasers and PDT.

Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) laser treatment really is a ray of hope for those with cancer.